Students Make Gifts for Veterans in Shop Class

Students who attend a suburban Pittsburgh high school have made a very nice gesture. They wanted to give something back to the brave men and women who have served in the United States armed forces. The students are part of a shop class at Kiski Area High School. They had the idea to make cases that can be used to store and display American flags. The cases they created in class will be given to the family members of service members who were killed in the line of duty. A total of 18 cases will be made by the students in the class.


Dean Ridgeway is the teacher of the class. It was his idea to make the flag cases. He suggested it to the students and they were all very enthusiastic about doing it. His goal was to give his students a project that would challenge them and make them proud to create at the same time. One of his students last year had an uncle killed while in Iraq. This is what gave Ridgeway the idea for the flag case project.


Solid oak was the material that the students used to make the cases. Each one has a piece of glass on the front. However, these cases are different than the usual cases that are used to store military flags. The cases made by the students also contain an additional compartment that can be used to store dog tags, medals or other items related to the person.


The cases are not completed yet. All of them should be finished by the time the students leave for summer vacation. The students have said they will be excited to present the cases to the families of the fallen service members. It is their way of saying thanks for the huge sacrifices made by these families.