Students Make Toys for Less Fortunate

While children of all ages today are typically painted in a picture that would make people think that they are lazy and selfish, one group of middle school students has shown that the perception is not always the case. According to a recent news article ( a group of talented middle school students spent a lot of time making toys for the less fortunate.

At Lake Zurich Middle School South in Lake Zurich, IL, 20 students that take a woodworking and industrial arts class took part in an after school program in which they made little toy cars for children that are less fortunate. In total, the children made about 100 toy cars which are then donated to an organization called Caring Women’s Connection. This organization will then donate the cars to families that are looking for a way to provide their children with a fun holiday season.

The organization, which has been around for 58 years, will likely donate the cars to another organization called A Safe Place. This organization provides support to women and children that are looking to avoid and leave an abusive situation.

While the group of students have enjoyed being able to provide gifts to other kids, they are also learning some valuable skills in the process. Many of the students are learning to use some heavy machinery including a band saw, a sander, and other tools to put the finishing touches on the cars. The cars will be given to the charity within the next few days.