Susan McGalla Keeps Pushing Other Female Business Leaders Forward

Susan McGalla has a lot of experience when it comes to building a company. She has proven, over the years, that she knows what it takes to make a business successful. This is why people take the time to listen to her when she speaks. As the former CEO of a company like American Eagle Outfitters it is no secret that McGalla has a strong knack for helping companies thrive.

Susan has totally transformed her connection to the business world into that of a business leader that speaks her mind. She knows exactly what the business world is like because she started from a lower level position before she elevated to a higher level like that of the CEO. McGalla has proven over the years that the marketing degree that she received from the University of Mount Union was a very valuable one.

She has continued to be a force in the industry. She is a person that knows a whole lot about corporate retail. She knows about all the things that are going to be needed to help a company develop a branding strategy. The fact that she knows all of these things makes it possible for her to really build up her resume, and she also takes the time to spread the words of inspiration to others that have been trying to make their way into the world of corporate leadership.

McGalla has worked in financial investment services. She has worked in branding development for retail clothing companies. Currently, Susan McGalla is the creative director of development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has been in charge of revamping the clothing line and taking this franchise to a new level with her sense of style and brand awareness skills. Her background with clothing during her CEO phase has allowed her to become a business leader that is able to share ideas about what she knows with others. This is one of the reasons that she speaks at so many conferences. She wants other women to rise to positions of power. This is why she puts time into public speaking.