Susan McGalla – Leading Brand Consultant Based in Ohio

Susan McGalla is the founder and owner of the P4 Executive Consulting LLC, a branding, and marketing firm that is well-known for delivering results in the corporate community of the United States. Due to her vast network in the business world and due to her years of experience in the business sector, she has been able to make P4 Executive Consulting LLC, one of the top most consultancy firms in the country. Before starting her venture, Susan McGalla served as the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc and also as the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc.

Apart from being highly successful in the consultancy and business world, Susan McGalla is also known for providing her inputs and sharing her experiences out loud to help the women achieve success and fulfill their dreams. She believes that in the men dominated corporate world, women can achieve a lot of success as well and the situation can change tremendously in the future if all the women follow few fundamental rules to make their career.

Susan McGalla says that it is important for every woman to ensure that they are completing their education and planning their higher education well in advance. Susan says that the corporate sector is one place that gives a lot of importance on the academic qualification and therefore, not giving it important enough would make you pay its price in the future. Susan McGalla says that women should focus on their studies, get good grades, and manage their finances in a way that allows them to go for higher studies as well. With good educational background, a good job in the corporate world is always waiting.

Susan McGalla also said that the women already working must focus on their job and ensure that they become the master at what they do. She believes that good performance would always be recognized and helps climb the ladder of success at workplace. It is for this reason, Susan McGalla asks women to be sincere at work and let their performance make the noise. She also said that it is important for women to build a network of a support system at the workplace that would keep them healthy during tough times.