Susan McGalla Works Her Way Up

I like to get inspired from other women in the business world that I’ve already made their mark. Susan McGalla is one such woman. She is a marketing professional that has done a lot of exciting things throughout her career. In my opinion she is someone that everyone needs to pay attention to. There are few emails that have been able to work their way up into the position of CEO.

Susan McGalla has actually been able to do it twice. I’m not sure why she has not made history books yet because this is a phenomenal. I think that her skills in the marketing world are greatly recognized because she knows how to build a brand. What is even more interesting is her ability to leave after she has helped her company build the brand. That is what she was able to do with American Eagle, and I think much of this came from her ground up methodology of working her way into the company. She did not start out as the CEO, but her ability to move from one position to another led her to this prestigious head of the company position. I think that many women can learn something from her because she is one that is willing to stay the course and grow. There are a ton of women that are interested in becoming a business leader, but they may not have the knowledge to run a company just yet.

Many of these women may not hold on to the possibility of actually starting from the ground up, but sometimes this is going to be the only way to get into that position. Susan McGalla knew that in a male-dominated world that it would be to her advantage to work her way from the inside up to the top.

There certainly are a lot of people that can look up to Susan Miguel because she has done things that people may have been afraid to do. She has taken on positions and executive leadership roles even when she knew that she would be the minority in concerns to business leaders. She knew that there would be times where her skills would be doubted because she was a woman, but this did not deter her one bit. I think this is what makes her a very special business leader in the world of marketing and building brands.

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