Talkspace Helping People Deal with Their Emotional Issues through Professional Counseling

The lives of people have gotten stressful these days, and the number of people going for professional therapy has increased drastically in the last few years. However, many people still avoid going to a licensed therapist as they just can’t afford it. Going to a licensed therapist can be expensive as it costs somewhere between $50 to over $200 per session, and the fact that many meetings are required due to the ongoing nature of therapy, it is hard for many people to commit to it. However, since the launch of Talkspace, people have been able to get therapy in a way they would prefer without spending a fortune. Talkspace allows people to communicate with the professional therapist online or over the phone, and the plans start from as low as $32 a week.

Talkspace has ensured that the relationship between the members and the therapist is bound by the same principles when going to meet a therapist in an office. The entire conversation that the members have with the therapist is confidential and is private. It is never disclosed to the third party, and the members can be sure they are in control of their therapy all the way. As of now, the company has also provided counseling to more than 500,000 members, and the count continues to grow with time. The CEO and the co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, recently announced that more and more members, mostly millennials, are joining Talkspace for counseling since Trump became the President. He also added that the surge might be wholly coincidental, but the timing is intriguing.

Talkspace has been helping many people overcome their emotional issues, and get back to life usually. People who are using it, says that it is one of the most helpful apps available in the market currently.