Temporary Tattoos To A Major Cosmetics Brand, Doe Deere And Lime Crime Make Beauty Happen

Doe Deere appears to have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in life. As a young girl born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere liked playing with makeup, vibrant colors and making her friends look pretty. It was at age 13 when she began selling temporary tattoos to her classmates; the venture was a success, and Doe Deere was excellent at creating a beauty and style buzz, according to GuestofaGuest.

In 2008, Doe Deere was living in New York City and dabbling in a number of creative, artistic pursuits. She had initially moved to the United States to become a musician, and check, she found herself in a band and falling in love with a musician whom she later married. So that was a fateful and intelligent move.

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime that year after deciding to immerse herself in the cut-throat world of the makeup industry. She knew that the cosmetics giants had ruled the beauty landscape for decades, deciding what products and shades women should wear. Doe Deere went against the grain and developed her own brand for independent-minded women and men.

She wasn’t sure if the business would float, but immediately, interest in Lime Crime began popping up from different corners of the globe. Fans became obsessed with the e-commerce beauty store and the crazy radical makeup colors that blew the top off the old, traditional cosmetics standards. Finally, there was a true choice in makeup for individuals; it was rather empowering for customers.

These days, Lime Crime has soared to the top with more than 3 million Instagram followers. Doe Deere remains an extremely hard worker, totally involved in the company’s day to day operations. She collaborates closely with the lab chemist and creates new bad a** lipsticks and eye shadows. Her early Venus palettes have become cult favorites globally for their fruit-bruised shades. In other words, Doe Deere became the pioneer of red and rusty, sunset eye shadows, sexy and daring to put on.

Wearing lipsticks in grey, squash, eggplant, blue, green or yellow is all part of the beauty “normalcy” and individuality with Lime Crime makeup. It’s edgy, modern, and women and men who put it on follow their own beauty standards. Lime Crime lets one define beautiful in their own way. There is zero cookie cutter about the brand, and that is why it appeals to many young people.

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