Tennessee Jobs Given Boost with Custom Furniture Factory Expansion

Furniture making is a craft that takes time to master. It incorporates a touch of science with artistry and hard work. The result is an heirloom that may be passed from generation to generation.

In Tennessee, England Furniture Company has been practicing the art of woodworking and furniture craftsmanship since opening its doors in 1964. The original founders Charles, Dwight, and Eugene England started their business in eastern Tennessee to bring jobs to the area. Over the last five decades, England Furniture has refined their artistry and even became a division of La-Z-Boy Furniture. Now, the company is bringing more jobs to the Tennessee hills.

On February 16,2018, England Furniture announced they were expanding their New Tazewell production site. The increase of their fine furniture factory would help the company meet the increasing demand for their custom pieces. The factory expansion includes 87,000 square feet of production space. It also includes 22,500 square feet of new office space to replace the one it lost in 2017.

According to the US Department of Labor statistics, production occupations like furniture crafting and woodworking make up over 268,000 of Tennessee’s jobs. England Furniture’s corporate office shared their expansion will bring 200+ more jobs. This is good news for Tennessee. It’s unemployment rate is lower than neighboring states. However, Tennessee’s unemployment rate has been increasing since September 2017 and closed out the year at 3.2%.