The Accomplishments of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations leader. His strategic vision is well known. Kevin has achieved many business goals. He is also know for his ability to command new opportunities. Over the last 13 years, his financial expertise has been used to make communities better around the East Coast area. Here is what he presents:

* Team inclusion

* A different blend of business acumen

* Financial private sector

* Governmental operations

* Outcome efficiency

At this point and time, Kevin Seawright serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Economic Development Corporation. Business strategies were reformulated. Responsive Accounting/Finance divisions were built in his career. This includes:

* Payroll

* Collections

* Receivables

* Payables

Results were delivered consistently. Technological initiatives were aligned with economic and organizational goals that are currently being used. He also changed revenue planning corporate processes that have effectively worked. General contractors and sub-contractors have benefited from this in the mid-Atlantic region.

Revenue enhancements are part of his accomplishments. The forecasting of yearly returns were helped by these enhancements. They increased by 25 percent with goods and services rendered. Kevin solidified the following:

* Compensation adjustments

* Negotiations

* Human Capital Division improving staff retention

* Enhancing recruitment efforts

* Change management

* Collective bargaining

These processes have improved a few more things which include:

* Enhanced company performance

* Service delivery to consumers

* Standardization

Kevin Seawright has previous endeavors that include over 13 years in capital operational management, human resources, and executive-level finance. Kevin is also responsible for over $600M in capital construction education facilities projects. Kevin Seawright has also served as the following:

* Executive Director of Operations

* Deputy Chief Operating Officer

* Chief of Financial and Construction Projects

* Budget Manager

* Finance Director

* Fiscal Officer: Management

* Director of Payroll