The Appalachian Sodder Family Mystery


Out of all the creepy true stories in the mountains of Appalachia, this story is the most chilling because it is true, and could happen to anyone. The remaining family still agonizes over the event to this day.

On Christmas Eve in 1947, the Sodder family prepares for bed. Nine out ten children were home. Five of the kids went to bed in the attic bedroom while the other four were tucking in throughout the rest of the house. Mrs. Sodder was awoken around 1:00 am by the sound of banging on the roof but fell back to sleep only to be woken half an hour later by smoke. The four children in the lower levels of the house were saved, but when Mr. Sodder tried to reach the attic, the staircase was already in flames. Attempting to reach his five children, he tried to climb up to the window, but the ladder was missing, and both of his vehicles had been disabled.

By the time the fire department arrived hours later, there was nothing left but to search for remains, remains that were suspiciously absent. A vertebrae section was found in the ashes, and upon examination, was found to have never been exposed to fire.

Where then, were and are the Sodder children. There have been sightings over the years, but no murder pictures ever panned out. What really happened that night?

The billboards bearing their likeness used to haunt the highways, but like the Sodders, they are gone now as well.