The Fun Products From Lime Crime


Makeup products from Lime Crime are some of the best on the market. You will find lip products, eye products and face products from this company. One of the most popular items is the matte velvetine lipstick.


Awesome Lipstick Colors


The matte velvetine lipstick is and amazing liquid lipstick that goes on thick and looks awesome. There are a number of stunning colors to choose from, and they aren’t all just variations of pinks, reds and purples either. In fact, you’ll find some greens, blues and oranges too!

Crazy Eye Makeup


Eye makeup from this company is another favorite. In addition to a number of darling pallets with lots of beautiful shades in them, you also have several eyeliners, Superfoils and other shadows to choose from. But you have to act fast when shopping for the eyeshadows and Superfoils especially because they sell fast and are often sold out on Lime Crime’s website.


Bundles of Makeup and Sale Products


For those diehard fans that are truly in love with this company’s makeup, bundles are also available. With bundles, you can get many of your favorite lip and eye products for an amazing deal. Lipgloss and lipstick kits are available, or you can mix and match your favorite eyeshadows and matte lipsticks in one package deal. Numerous color combinations are available to suit your individual style.


Finally, check out the sale options. There are a number of great products available at a discounted price in the sale section, but act fast!


Check Out the Lime Crime Website


For more information about this company, go to their website. Doe Deere is the woman responsible for founding this company. All makeup products are made in Los Angeles, California. All makeup products for the eyes, lips and face are vegan friendly and cruelty free, so you can feel good about your choices.


On the website, you can speak one-on-one with a representative from this company via instant messenger if you have any questions, comments or concerns.   Check out Lime Crime’s new Scandal shade, or read about it on PR Newswire.