The Pawns, The Quincy and a lack of protection

Located near the Baritan River, The Quincy has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From stories of theft, to shootings, to an alarming rate of domestic altercations here; residents can certainly feel a dark cloud looming over this apartment complex.


Known for its now infamous pizza delivery theft, where a deliveryman almost lost his life, this 8 story-building edifice, requires a cautions approach from unaware individuals and residents alike.

It was reported back in the year 2012, that Parish Woods, 21 years old at the time, devised and executed a scheme to rob a pizza deliveryman, together with his fellow cohorts.

After a prank pizza delivery call, the victim was tracked back to his car, where the unfortunate robbery occurred. With no visible security measures in place, the criminals had ample time to both relieve the victim of his wallet and other personal items, and also inflict bodily and mental damage. The police report stated that the assailants pointed a gun at the victim’s head, while robbing him of valuables, including the pizza he was to deliver.

Disaster struck again in 2015, this time shots were fired at the lower back of a 43 year old at the building number 1 of this 206-unit establishment His life was practically saved by an immediate medical response. Police later returned to the scene to pick up shell casings to help in the investigation, as they tried to close the case by identifying the unnamed shooter.

Several domestic incidents have also been reported here. Although they do not make their way to the media, as often as the other to crime stories, they do take place.

Sleeping with an eye open is definitely not the dream residents have when exorbitant prices are paid to live here. Safety and security should always be top on the list before advertising other luxuries and amenities offered.

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