The Woodworking Tips No One Will Teach You

For those who didn’t give up on their art and craft classes, you probably are cashing big on amazing woodwork tips right now. If not, here is a little inspiration from a talented Tanegi Zukuri that might awaken the artist in you.


Tanegi Zukuri is a Japanese woodwork artist with a special skill for making wooden boxes. And not just any ordinary looking box you will get out there—his work is quite unique. It’s even hard to describe the magnificence of his work until you watch him at work.


Nonetheless, there is a lot we can borrow from good old Tanegi that will speak to our woodworking ventures. One has to be the patience that this Japanese old man has for cutting wood pieces into matching triangular cuboids which he glues together in stacks of three or five. Once dried, he then glues the stacks together to form one large cuboid which he then cuts into thin wooden sheets that finally form the pristine boxes.


One other thing that Tanegi will teach you is the art of being precise. Precision is a major factor in what he does if he wants the end product to achieve a beautiful uniform look. You also have to see how the end design will look like before you start fitting pieces of wood together. What makes Tanegi unique is using different colored wood pieces which he glues together to form natural patterns you will think were drawn.


So there are three things you can learn from this talented Japanese woodwork artist: being patient and appreciating the process, being precise living no room for mistakes, and letting a vision of the final product guide you from start to finish. But really, you have to see Tanegi at work to get feel really inspired.