Thor Halvorssen Has a Unique Perspective on the Bernie Sanders Movement

The United States presidential election has been one of the most exciting elections in recent memory. Several candidates have managed to galvanize movements in ways that are rarely seen in any election. Trump has filled numerous convention centers and arenas, and several of his competitors have huge rallies as well. The Republican side has been ridiculously exciting, but it pales in comparison to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Millions of people who have never been politically active are attracted to Bernie’s socialistic platform, and the media has been left in shock. Media outlets around the country are looking for an explanation to the Bernie Sanders phenomenon and are bringing on various guests to explain what is going on.


Recently, Fox News brought on Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen is well known as the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, a powerful group that fights injustice around the world. The host on Fox wanted to know what Thor thought about the Bernie Sanders movement, and Thor gave a very insightful answer. Thor started by saying that he feels that socialism almost always leads to injustice, because it takes the means of production away from the people and puts it into the hands of the government. He usually views socialism as a human rights violation, but he has a unique perspective on the Bernie Sanders candidacy. Thor has made the maximum donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign, and his reasoning might shock Trump and Clinton supporters. He feels that Trump and Clinton have an authoritarian streak that would be dangerous for America and the world in general. Bernie is less authoritarian and supports a gentler form of socialism known as democratic socialism, which often works out for the people.


According to this Buzzfeed article, Thor Halvorssen is extremely familiar with authoritarian regimes. His family has fought against the brutal Venezuelan regime for years and they have suffered for it. Almost every member of his family has been locked away as a political prisoner at some point, and Thor constantly fights to prevent these injustices from happening to others. He feels that America is headed in the wrong direction, but he is working to keep that from happening.

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