Turn On The Rainbow! Lime Crime Launches The Ultimate: Unicorn Hair Dye

Doe Deere immerses herself in bold and beautiful makeup, and now the CEO and founder of Lime Crime has gone one step further.


Unicorn Hair has arrived from another place in the universe. It’s sexy, whimsical, fun and free. Best of all, the new vegan hair dye rocks the rainbow in 13 luscious, big ways. Fans were “dye-ing” for the beauty brand to branch out with hair color, and it’s finally happened.


Doe Deere is always bathing her beautiful tresses in candy-colored hues, so she developed Unicorn Hair to share to the world. The color is unique in that it’s totally vegan and formulated with vegetable dye. It’s super gentle and won’t damage hair and is available in Full Coverage and Tint. There is zero harshness or bleach-y-ness about it.


Best of all, the shades are sexy and wild in orange, green, blue, violet, grey, red, and more. For $13 a bottle in 7 generous ounces, this is a good beauty busting deal.


Hair color should never be boring or dull, and Doe Deere finds these new hues intoxicating. As a chick who loves changing up her hair color for every mood, the CEO wanted a hair color formula that would serve her customers well, look gorgeous and rich and wear well. It took the Lime Crime founder three years to develop the cruelty-free formula, and fans appear to be loving the Unicorn Hair addition to the brand’s makeup line-up.


Hair color is huge in our culture these days, and women agree that it’s become an accessory like a great-looking bag, shoes, belt, jewelry, etc. Doe Deere believes that we aren’t born with just one shade; that would be plain old boring. Playing around with bright color here and there is fun and empowering, and when the color is just right, a head-turning affair.


Lime Crime makeup enjoys a 2.9 million fan following and counting. The social media community is diggin’ Unicorn Hair and all its infinite possibilities. Fans love sending and sharing hair selfies. Check out the proof here.


We dare you to dye some on.