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The goal is that you or your organization would be able to preserve assets for the long term. One of the great challenges with many financial plans is the lack of stability. Investors trust the commercial banks to safeguard assets for the long term. Commercial banks, in their turn, trust the U.S. Federal Government to print currency at the right level to match consumption. The fiat paper currencies throughout the world are entirely based on the opinion that citizens have about their national government. This is why the currency of Zimbabwe started being denominated in trillions to buy a simple loaf of bread. The citizens of Zimbabwe had lost confidence in the fidelity of their national government.

While some might say that could never happen in America, a wise investor considers the possibility that the media and popular vogue is wrong. Rome fell, so did Ancient China, Persia, and all the great empires of the past.

US Money Reserve wants to stand in the gap and safeguard your assets from the fluctuations of the Fed. Unlike digits in a bank account, gold coins in your safe have a lasting value that endures long after you have passed on. If you or your ancestors want a convenient way to save your hard earned labor, then gold or other precious metals are an excellent way to go.

It is common to see the mainstream media ridiculing the idea of a stable currency, but this is simply because the masters of the system want you dependent on the liquidity addicts at the Fed. Do not be one of their paper pawns. Stand up, and guard your assets with the help of US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve is led by the former director of the U.S. Mint, Philip Diehl, so we know what goes on in the dark halls of the U.S. Federal Government. What we see disturbs us, with skyrocketing real inflation, based on independent analysis. We also see a recklessness to budgetary fidelity that would put your neighborhood teenage gang to shame. US Money Reserve does not want you to join the herd of panicked cowards who will scream when their paper assets turn into napkins. We long to help you preserve the value of your assets for all time.

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With professionals who are dedicated to the gold business, US Money Reserve serves all its customers with quality, compassion, and attention to detail. We encourage you to check out all our products to see what the best fit for your portfolio would be. We look forward to hearing from you.