Video Email Access Everywhere!


Main Innovator

Bob Reina is notable for several accomplishments. He’s a UF graduate, down to Earth man and an adroit member of the police force. While performing his job as CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob is able to continue his hobbies and remain committed to his business duties.

The development of Talk Fusion developed from a frustrating effort to send emails on AOL Online. Bob tried to send photos of a house that he desired in 2004. Yet, he wasn’t able to. He proposed the idea of creating a video-sharing interface to his friend and turned the idea into a business.

Products and Advantages

Talk Fusion offers a variety of video marketing solutions in the form of products. These products include the following:

E-Video (Video email) – Used in professional, personal and charity related settings.

Newsletters – Features an interface that allows you to drag items and drop them in different areas. There is also an ability to add text and photos that can be customized with aesthetics.

Live meetings– Create a global presentation that are displayed in live videos.

Video Chat – This is similar to Snapchat and Skype. On the other hand, the videos are nearly compatible with every device.

Bob, alongside his company, is trying to promote communication through technology. In other words, this action is providing an easy medium that allows communication between companies and their customer. Communication between business themselves is also permitted.

Insight from the Professional Himself

During a recent interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Bob shares several advice on managing a business. He talks about how to increase net revenue, remain notable in a competitive market and how to connect with clients. This information is available to anyone interested in raising a business or those that desire to improve theirs.