Vincent Parascandola His Contribution to the Success of AXA

Vincent Parascandola is the current Senior Executive Vice President of the top insurance company, AXA Advisors, LLC. He has been with the company for quite a while and is responsible for the employees of the company. He is the one who looks after the entire recruitment process of the company to ensure that he has the best team for his company. He also invests in the development of its employees so that they can take on the responsibilities in a better way. Another important part of his responsibility is to ensure that the top employees are retained by the company for long through bonuses and reward system that helps in providing good work-life balance and yet improve their performance.


Vincent Parascandola has experience of 25 years in the industry. He started his career in 1987 when he was with Prudential. It was here that he earned his first reward, National Rookie of the Year. After three years, he wanted to explore his opportunities, and it was then he joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. He worked at many different local and regional positions in the company of which he was for 14 long years. Vincent Parascandola later decided to join AXA Advisors and had never been happy. Here, Vincent rose to the position of the President quite fast because of his knowledge and experience in the industry.


Vincent Parascandola has won many awards throughout his career. He has won the GAMA’s Career Development Award. Along with that, he has also won the Master Agency Award for his contribution to the financial industry. He is also an acclaimed speaker who loves to share his experience with people who wants to learn from him. His speech at the Pace University in 2014, from where he has graduated, was a one that is an inspiration for many students.


For the employees of AXA, Vincent Parascandola is a leader and a mentor. The 6,000 financial experts of the company looked up to him for his expertise and guidance. Vincent Parascandola has helped the company achieve success and develop strategies to improve the offering by the company.