Want to Upgrade the Furniture? Apply these 7 Popular Designs

How often do you look at your old furniture and think of changing them? Well, buying new furniture is not good news for your wallet, and it’s not easy to find the style of your choice. You surely don’t want to have the same furniture that everyone else has.

What should you do? Well, there’s only one solution – upgrade! Consider a DIY project or hire a professional to revamp the furniture and give them a new look. Look at these seven creative methods. 

Refresh the Cabinetry with Crown Molding


 Contemporary crown moldings are one of the many popular and easy choices for updating a cabinetry. You can install decorative or plain trims on the edges or the doors and give them a fresh coat of paint or polish. A more traditional option is to use cove crown molding at the top of the cabinetry and seal the space between it and the ceiling. It looks elegant and relieves you from the worry of dusting way up there.

Find out Antique Furniture Pieces


It’s hard to find anyone who does not have a ‘thing’ for antique furniture pieces. If your wallet does not approve of buying new furniture, hit the flea markets, antique shops, or even yard sales to buy pieces made of high-grade hardwood. All these things need are just a good sanding down and staining. You can also consider reupholstering the chairs and sofas. It won’t be surprising if these beautiful pieces wind up being your favorite furniture items.

Renew the Metal Furniture

 Your metal furniture becomes rusty over time due to the exposure of various temperature and weather conditions. These don’t need to end up in a junkyard just because of a little rust! Just sand them down and spray paint with a lovely, warm shade. If you intend to use them on the patio or porch, choose a color that is suited for the outdoors or apply a coat of protective finishing.

 Revive a Place with Reupholstering


 No more throwing out of chair sets, sofas, or seating just because the upholstery is faded or torn! Reupholstering these pieces will breathe life into them and save tons of money down the road. Pick the fabric or leather according to the décor and color schemes of the rest of the room. The exterior back of the chairs is a nice place where you can introduce a different fabric to add pizzazz.

Inject Life with a Coat of Paint


 A fresh coat of paint always works in revamping old furniture whether it’s wooden, plastic, or metal. If you want your furniture to smile or just want a change of look, dye them in your favorite colors. Remember to sand and prime before painting. These will correct the uneven surfaces and make the newly applied color to set better. 

Use the Charm of Repurposed Furniture

 ‘Repurposing’ is a part of modern life, and it works like magic when you want to bring a fresh look into your furnishings and interiors. There are countless possibilities as you can use some discarded rattan baskets as light shades, an old cradle as seating, an unused side table as a bathroom cabinet, and mason jars as dispenser bottles. Such repurposed pieces have their own character and help to gain a place its personality. 

Pairing up Old with New Pieces


Contrast and complement is a vital part of eclectic styling. The careful juxtaposition of new and old furnishings will be useful in achieving a transitional look. Combine old wooden furniture with modern pieces, bright upholstery with neutral chairs, or patterned textiles with plain fabrics. Such a synthetic will warm up a place and add to the aesthetic.

 These concepts will certainly inspire you to think about your old furniture. However, if you are really into the game of repurposing or upgrading, you will get tons of ideas about how to update your furniture in the thriftiest way. If you are a good DIY-er, you can even recreate the looks of expensive items!