Wengie Video Recap: Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wengie gives viewers 30 hacks on how to wrap holiday presents. Her first idea is to cut a cereal box open and lay it flat. Then fold it inside out to create a new gift box.


Cut the rim off a patterned paper cup, flatten it, then seal the top shut with washi tape for a small gift container. Write the recipient’s address on the box and attach a stamp to make it look like the present has been mailed. Using a square of scrap fabric, tie opposite corners together in a knot for easy gift wrap. Cut a Christmas shape into a potato, apply ink or paint, and stamp onto plain paper for custom gift wrap. Pleat the ends of the paper when wrapping a round object for a less sloppy wrapping job.


According to Wengie, make your own gift bag by cutting the flaps off a food box and wrapping it in pretty paper, then adding string handles. Create gift ornaments by cutting up cute straws and stringing into shapes. Tie different colors of yarn around a plain present. Make custom gift wrap by printing out a collage of you and the recipient. Make gifts pop with tissue paper pom-poms. Make a gift box out of Lego pieces. Use old tea tins to wrap small, oddly-shaped gifts. Make cookies with two holes in the middle, then tie a string through the holes and attach the cookie to a gift as a fun accessory.


Make a design on a gift with double-sided tape, then dip in glitter. Cut petal shapes in 5 layers of tissue paper, then wrap around a wine bottle and tie the pieces together. Dip a pencil eraser in ink or paint and stamp a dot design onto plain paper. Cut an old CD into shards, then glue them to the top of a gift for a shiny effect. Cut colored paper into fringe and fold into a bow. Fold the wrapping paper into pockets as you wrap a rectangular gift to put cards or other goodies into. Make a bag out of wrapping paper by folding it into a tube, the folding the bottom.

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