Wessex Institute of Technology and its activities

In the South of England, we locate one institution of higher learning that goes by the name, Wessex Institution of Technology. Serving as both educational and research institution, it’s mostly referred to as Wessex Institution or W.I.T. The actual location is in the New Forest National Park at Ashurst Lodge. In 1981, The Computation Mechanism Institution was formed, but later in 1986 Wessex Institution of Technology was established by Professor Carlos Brebbia.
The Wessex Institution working program is obligated to transform the level of learning with the objective of exchanging information amongest professionals within the industry and academic bodies. This will ensure smooth flow of knowledge and trans-disciplinary research. Through various activities in the institution, the objective will indeed be met.
Their activities mentioned are segmented into three major areas; Research, Jobs, and Conferences. To start with, Research Organizations and industry have been financing the expenses of The Wessex Institution of Technology research program. The Wessex Institute of Technology organizes conferences of Design and Nature and its press publishes the International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics. Around 25 meetings are arranged every year and are held at various locations as per the agreement with other institutions of higher learning and organizations. In 2009 as a result of the Journal attracting much attention for the subject matter of their paper, the editors included the statement to the papers published by A.C. McIntosh 4th edition of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics Journal. Wessex Institution objective is being jointly met by the WIT conferences program.
Annually since 2004, Prigogine Medal has been awarded to Wessex Institution of Technology during their annual conference, courtesy of University of Sien. In memory of Ilya Prigogine who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, The Prigogine Medal was established.
Wessex being located at Ashurst, anyone around the institution will enjoy unspoiled view, various wildlife and picturesque villages that are all engulfed by the National Park at New Forest which is believed to be one of the most attractive wilderness localities in the Western Europe, and the topography of the area is said to be unaltered for centuries.