What Does The Launch Of The Davos Mobile App Mean To David Osio’s Real Estate Clients?

The Davos Real Estate Group recently launched a mobile application dubbed the “Davos CAP Calculator” that seeks to revamp the company’s service delivery to its clients. According to the company, the app that is available on both Android and iOS models will primarily help the Davos real estate group customers estimate the rate of return on their investments. It will help them arrive at quick investment decisions by helping them calculate the return on investment on any property they might be interested in either locally or internationally.


Additionally, the app will be useful to the company clients in the following ways

Ease communication with agents


According to a press release by the company regarding the launch, the app seeks to bring power to the company’s clients by helping them arrive at critical decisions without necessarily making long trips to see their agents. For instance, clients won’t have to necessarily contact their agents for ROI calculations or the viability of certain properties as the app helps them calculate them all independently.

Access to a wider range of property


During the launch of the app, the company founder, and CEO, David Osio mentioned that his company had expanded its operation to European markets, starting with Spain. Users of the app interested in investing in Europe will, therefore, get a chance to make decisions on the viability of properties there at the comfort of their home.

Access to more industry related information


Traditionally, clients have to contact their agents for advice on best mortgage rates and estimates on interest rates as well as advice on the best financiers and servicers to engage. According to David, the company has partnered with several bankers and mortgage providers that will be keeping it updated on some of the current interest rates. With Davos, clients can find properties that appeal most to them and find the best financiers on the same platform without making long trips and queues to consult the property agents.

About David Osio


Osio is the founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group that acts as the parent company to several subsidiaries in the finance and real estate industries. Interestingly, despite running a highly successful and nationally recognized real estate company in the United States, David is a law graduate from the Catholic University of Andres Bello in Venezuela. However, he has deep interests in finance and banking that prompted him to take up the same course from the New York Institute of Finance.