What Don Ressler Knows about Building a Brand

The thing that Don Ressler has been able to do with Fabletics and JustFab is build brands. When it comes to brand building he may know this better than anyone else in the clothing industry right now. This has a lot to do with the way that he views trends. This is a part of his success. The other half of his great ability to step into success in the marketing world has to do with the way that he reacts to the trends that he sees.

Any entrepreneur that has a business o line has to pay attention to trends. This is just a necessity. There is no way that Don Ressler could have become successful without paying attention to what is happening on the web. Ressler has managed to keep the customers coming back for more because he has been willing to do the things that would keep them interested in the JustFab and Fabletics websites. This is not an easy task, but Ressler has been in the business long enough to realize that there are ways to stay abreast of the changes that are out there. Ressler has reached out to get help over the years.

Adam Goldenberg is a long time partner with Don Ressler. This is a former IT professional that has ventured in the business of building up companies like JustFab with partner Don Ressler. Together they have the ability to provide one another with a different perspective on what is happening in the business world. It is the “two heads are better than one” adage that comes to mind when one sees these partners in action. They are the brains behind the operation of multi-million dollar companies like JustFab, but even at this point of connecting and sharing ideas Don Ressler still realizes that he needs someone on the front line to stand out as the face of the business.

With Fabletics Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg would add a third party to the equation. Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson would serve as the energy that they needed to propel this workout clothing company to the top. Don Ressler realized that there was no better way to sell clothing to women than by having a woman in place that expressed their love of this clothing. Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics, but Don Ressler was the one that saw the vision to building the brand.