When in Need of a Quality Healthcare Employee Contact Brain Torchin

The healthcare field is growing and expanding. Brain Torchin is helping people find the healthcare that they need. He is one of the main managing partners at a healthcare staffing firm. This firm helps those find employment within the healthcare field.

Brain does more than just place people into job. He takes the time to work with people that have a desire to work in the field and will provide some career consultation services to them. He will look at the skills that a person has and will find the best job in the healthcare field for those skills to be used. Torchin has made a name for himself as one of the best recruitment counselors in the field.

When a health center or similar client comes to Torchin looking to fill employment vacancies Torchin will find them the perfect candidate. Torchin will looking to the pool of qualified candidates that he has met with and find the best person to fit the open position. Some of the positions that Torchin helps fill are those for physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners. These are important positions in the field and only the best candidate will do. The candidates that were recommended by Torchin score high with customers satisfaction.

Brain Torchin may be a busy man but he is never too busy to help his clients as well as those looking for jobs. He asks the tough questions during interviews and will help a healthcare firm find the best candidate to fit their needs.  Follow him on Twitter @healthcarerc, and check out his other social media via Behance.