Whitney Wolfe Herd

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah and alumnae of Southern Methodist University Whitney Wolfe is not only the CEO of Bumble but also its founder. Bumble was founded in 2014 and just two years on in 2016 it had more than 8 million users. If you think that is impressive, then you may be shocked to know that presently it has over 21 million users. This has made it one of the most successful dating apps in the market.

Whitney Wolfe has not only created the best and most efficient dating site for women but has also expanded the concept. Bumble has recently introduced Bumble Biz and Bumble BFF on its platform to enable women not only to connect in matters of love but also in friendship and Professions.

Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz

Friendships are not easy to foster even in person. In a world where technology has become the go-to solution for all things social, and personal Bumble BFF fits right in. This feature focusses on creating platonic relations among women on bumble. So far it has had over 3 million subscriptions. Given that on a monthly basis, at least 500,000 of its users are active I can say it has done well so far.

For those women also looking to get their careers off the ground or to new levels Bumble Biz comes in handy. Bumble Biz provides career advice and mentors apart from career opportunities. It strives to meet the basic need of a quick and easy network connection as it allows for an almost immediate response.

Bumble headquarters

Bumble has over the years grown considerably within and internationally. This has necessitated its physical growth as well. Bumble Headquarters, The Hive, just opened this past summer in Central Austin. Its architecture and design genuinely strive to show the brand in most picture-perfect form.

Whitney Wolfe Wedding

Whitney’s wedding to Michael Herd, who has been a long time partner, took place on the Amalfi Coast at the beginning of September. The four-day event had minimal media coverage but evidently was a stunning affair.

What’s next for Bumble?

Bumble has undoubtedly shown immense growth of the years under the innovative guidance of Whitney Wolfe and her team. A team which comprises of 70 employees, 85% of whom are women. These women are determined to bring more to bumble and its clients in 2018 as there are plans for more content within the app. Their clients will surely love the panels and dinners designed to bring both users and influencers together. Not to mention plans for more partnerships, Hives, and Lounges, just like the one in Los Angeles.

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