Why Thor Halvorssen Is An Inspiration

A principled individual is somebody who lives out their beliefs. They will not merely profess to care about tyranny and politics. They will take action. They will actively labor to change the world and influence the discourse of thought so that tyranny will not have any opportunity to sway the public. Ironically, tyrants are often accepted by the wide majority of people. So if you want to stop a tyrant, you need to be able to influence the people. As this article pointed out, that is what Thor Halvorssen has spent his career trying to do. He is deeply concerned with the trespass of tyranny.

What Is He?

Labels have evolving meaning. The term ‘liberal’ has different meanings today than it had a few short years ago. When Thor Halvorssen identifies himself as a liberal, he means that he is a liberal in the proper sense. He believes that while he may disagree with the principles taught by others, he will nonetheless defend to the death their right to say it. However, since this is not akin to the modern stream of thought held by most liberals, many will regard him as a right-wing fundamentalist. He is a thoughtful individual who does not discriminate against anyone despite their political ideology.

Who Is Thor Halvorssen?

Socialism is something that Americans hear about one the news. They will hear that rich people have money and it is the duty of the government to collect it and simply pass it out to the poor. But since socialism is not merely an idea for Halvorssen, he recognizes how naive that is. He has personally suffered under the hands of a tyrannical government. He has been beaten. His family has been imprisoned. A cousin is currently in jail as a political prisoner in Venezuela. His personal history has informed him about the concept of socialism.

As a result, he has spent the majority of his time opposing the spread of misinformation. As a champion of human rights, he believes it is necessary to combat socialism, because from socialism, tyranny is only a few short steps away.

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