Wikipedia : An Authoritative Source of Information

Donald Trump is set to be sworn in as the U.S. president at midday on the 20th of January 2017. After being inaugurated, the president’s office, and all the social media platforms associated with it, will be under the control of President elect, Donald Trump. The inauguration of Donald Trump is a highly complex affair on Wikipedia. Since anyone can modify the content on Wikipedia, the users are conflicting over the time when Trump officially assumes office.

How Time Makes All the Difference in Digital Press

Wikipedia’s page on the U.S. president has been subjected to several alterations that center on declaring President Obama as the current president, and Donald Trump as the president elect. This Wikipedia edition has undergone at least 8 modifications this morning. The Pro-Trump editors argue that Barack Obama was to remain as the U.S. president up to the 20th of January, and that since the date is at hand, the page should be updated. Those against this position argue that President Obama’s tenure as the head of state ends at noon. Although this page can only be accessed by certain editors, this tug of war tends to make one nostalgic of the days of print media, when time would not be a factor in such an issue.

How To Improve Your Brand with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an internet based collaborative encyclopedia. This open source, if used in the right way, is an effective marketing tool for your business or brand. The first upside to using Wikipedia is that you get to personally inform people about your brand. This is better than when someone else, with bad intentions, reviews your business or brand. Secondly, you get to gain credibility. Wikipedia also allows you to get more traffic to your website or more demand for your product or services. With a huge number of people visiting the site on a daily basis, you stand a high chance of amassing interest in your brand or service. These generated leads will eventually convert into sales.

One of the greatest benefits of using Wikipedia to market your brand or business is that you do not have to create the content on your own. Wikipedia has certain policies regarding content and if you fail to meet the set standards; your content will be flagged. You can hire the talented writers at Get Your Wiki to write content in accordance with Wikipedia policies. Furthermore, with these writers, you have a better chance of ranking highly on search engines. You are also relieved of the laborious task of generating content that informs and attracts prospects to your brand or services. In addition, Get Your Wiki writers will also constantly update your page with current information regarding your brand or business.