Wood Technology a Solution to the Derailing Lumber Industry

If you are in the lumber industry, it’s important that you keep tabs on the new lumber technology. The technology enables you to slice up a two by four beam and align it perpendicularly then glue or laminate to form a giant sandwich. The resulting Panel is both energy efficient and light, making it easier to assemble on the site compared to other timber. Given that the grains are at a right angle to the ones above and below it, there will always be a counter tension built with the panels.



According to Dr.johnson lumber, the CEO of Riddle Ore One (a leading lumber industry in the United States), there will be an estimated rise of over 40 percent if the cutting technology is implemented in all states in the United States. Nevertheless, the resulting wood is gaining popularity from Arkansas to Maine, with researchers, engineers, and architect paying close attention to its usage and overall functionality.



Some people think that if the technology is implemented, then it will gradually have an impact on the forest communities while at the same time lowering the carbon footprint of the urban construction. The technology factors in blemished wood which can be structurally fitted within the CLT panels without compromising on the look or quality.



Most people tend to think that it’s not only going to bring back the sawmills, but also improve the forest health through making use of low-value wood and thinning dense strands. Some of the prime trees targeted for use include those destroyed by wildfire or damaged by pests. The greatest challenge of the CLT is its unpopularity in the United States and the strict building codes that put a high limit on wood building safety. However, investigation is underway to determine the efficiency of buildings made of such wood in withstanding fire and their susceptibility in earthquake seismic regions.