Woodworking in the Modern Age

Woodworking is quickly entering the new millennium. This is because a new generation of young adults is learning how to appreciate the joys of creating. Long ago, people might have associated woodworking with simply making a spice shelf for mom or a towel rack for dad. Nowadays, woodworking involves so much more. In fact, the woodworking classes at colleges across the country are taking it to an entirely new level.


Colleges are doing two things with their woodworking classes. First, they are expanding the numbers of acceptable materials for students to use in their projects. Perhaps the most impressive of these new materials can be found in 3-D printers and laser cutters. These pieces of technology allow students to create incredible things. Second, these classes are becoming less and less lecture based. Instead, the classes take what is called a tinkering approach. Students are given resources and shown how to use the tools in the shop. After that happens, the students are on their own to create whatever they want! The results have been stunning.


These new woodworking classes are getting people fired up about creating things. Few college students take the time to appreciate all the work that sometimes goes into crafting a single object. After taking a class like this, many of them now do! This is terrific for everyone involved. Many of these students will continue to tinker with wood and other materials for the rest of their adults lives. Who knows what they will ultimately create?