Woodworking Industry Hot – Despite 2018s Cold Start

Despite the cold weather starting 2018, it could be a hot year for the woodworking industry. The softwood production is up and the home remodel trend that is on the rise once again is the return of the wooden cabinetry in the kitchen. This could be a boost that the industry needs for large and small business. Over the past few years the use of materials other than wood within the home designs has bruised the woodworking sales. This year the wood and the beautiful wood grain patterns will be the popular choice for kitchens.

With the increase in the sales, this could be the year to change to upgraded systems to increase production and sales, or the year to upgrade power tools to increase inventory and stock. These advanced woodworking tools and technology that are available this year will be on the wish list of many of the small business owners. Sales should also increase this year for those who refinish wood. Homeowners who already have wooden cabinets may want to have the wood in the kitchen refinished. Therefore getting the updated look without investing in a total remodel.

Since the reduction of the woodworking training centers, it may be hard to find skilled workers to fill empty spaces of the assembly line. Many schools have dropped woodworking classes over the past. Skilled workers may be hard to find, but finding someone who has a passion for this type of work might be hard to replace.